ULTIMATE | Recoil Spring (Eric Grauffel)




The Ultimate range of springs was developed by Eric Grauffel and his team to improve your shooting sensation. These springs are ideal for shooting in competition, they will guarantee lightness and performance.

This spring is compatible with all the CZ 75 type pistols. (Shadow 2, SP01, TS, Czechmate …)

The Recoil Spring Ultimate is suitable for all types of handling and ammunitions.

We recommend an 11lbs spring for Production Optic to preserve your optics, as well as in Cal.40SW and 9mm major.

For the 10 lbs spring, you can use with or without a shock absorber.

With springs in 8 and 9 Lbs, it is recommended to use a shock absorber.

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8lb, 9lb, 10lb, 11lb


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